Hope For Ethiopia Atlanta One Pack For One Child 2017

To all fellow Ethiopian here in Atlanta who support our one pack for one child 2017 campaign special Thank you to:

  • Our collaborators who helped us raise funds by selling $8 tickets
  • Our church leaders for delivering our message to your respective congregations
  • Ethiopian radio stations here in Atlanta for your support
  • Meseret Humanitarian Organization for your tireless effort to bring lasting positive effect in lives of many children in our country. For your dedication travelling in rural area of our country where the need is most to make sure school supplies are deliver to as many children as possible

With your collective effort and collaboration, our one pack for one child 2017 campaign was completed successfully. This year, we raised $9,185 and supported 3,000 children so they can start their new school year with joy and confidence.

That was the best $8 can ever buy!!