About Us

Hope for Ethiopia – Atlanta is a non-profitable, charity based organization established in 2009. Its primary mission is to provide food, shelter and access to basic primary and secondary education to fellow Ethiopians. The organization also provides financial and material support to fellow Ethiopians living in Ethiopia that have been affected by natural and man-made disasters.

Orphan center assistance through permanent adoption and the facilitation of medical supplies and equipment are the core business of Hope for Ethiopia Atlanta Inc.

Means of Income

  • Fundraising events (concerts and cultural events).
  • Sales of events tickets and promotional materials.
  • Supports from local and International governmental and non-governmental charities.
  • Donations from individuals and business organizations.
  • Members annual contributions.


Membership is open to all Ethiopian nationals including Ethio-American nationals who believe and support our cause for action. In addition, any national with good and pure intentions of our cause can become a member.

Members are required to make a small and reasonable annual payment, non-refundable membership fee. The membership amount is set forth by the board of directors of Hope for Ethiopia Atlanta Inc. and is subjected to revision in relation to projects need.

Founders and Board Members

  1. Negusu Desalegne - President
  2. Melkamu Demissie - Vice President
  3. Tsehai Bekele - Secretary
  4. Daniel Asegid - Finance
  5. Simret Wendimu - Treasurer
  6. Mulugeta W/Michael - Auditor
  7. Thewodros Tadess - Public Relations
  8. Aster Bedhane - Public Relations
  9. Eyesu Halie - Public Relations
  10. Fetene Yimenu - Project Planner
  11. Takle Demeke - Project Planner
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